With increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, the future poses significant challenges to everyone. With sustainable strategies, agile management processes and digital solutions, this future can be taken by the horns.
We live innovation in our work procedures, processes and system solutions, out of pure conviction. Because only today's innovation creates tomorrow’s sustainability. Sustainable action is part of who we are and is firmly embedded in our corporate strategy and culture. The innovative STARCLEAN® and FIRE SAFE® system solutions make a significant contribution to careful, sustainable handling of our world's scarce, valuable resources.

STARCLEAN®, along with Spillage Control and Safebelt, ensures that bulk materials on belt systems move securely from input to further processing. This prevents material overflows and emissions as much as possible.

FIRESAFE® helps protect buildings and ships from entry of water and gas, and from fire hazards. That means more sustainable substance protection in premium systems.

In addition to sustainability goals in the product sector, CO2 reduction and sensible handling of resources are a firm part of our corporate strategy.
Continuous screening of all value-added processes for reduction of emissions is an obligation that comes from our guiding principle:

Sustainability by Innovation

Read more about how we live sustainability at our company in our Compliance Rules.
and in our corporate mission statement, which has been developed by the whole Schulte Strathaus team.

If you would also like to create sustainability through innovation and you see yourself in our mission statement, take a look at our career area and become part of the Schulte Strathaus team.