Our management, consisting of Dr. Michael Schulte Strathaus, Ann-Kathrin Schulte Strathaus and Christopher Schulte Strathaus, had the opportunity to make a short trip to our customers in the Alps. They were supported by Oliver Jungfleisch, our Spillage Control expert in Southwest Germany and an expert in tunneling.


On 17.10.23 our team visited two impressive tunnel construction projects in the Kühtai Tunnel and at the Brenner Base Tunnel. Our STARCLEAN® Smart Scraper technology is installed at one of the most important belt conveyors to monitor the conveyor belt of the tunnel.

On the second day, they visited one of the most modern recycling plants in Europe. In the “Recycling Center Ostschweiz” of the companies Holcim and Zürcher, our conveyor belt scrapers are installed on almost all conveyor belts of the plant. The plant is a prime example for recycling of construction materials and makes an important contribution to sustainable installations and climate protection. We are proud that our products contribute to increased efficiency and optimal material flow control. In keeping with our mission:

Sustainability by Innovation.


Picture 1 from left: Dr. Michael Schulte Strathaus, Hans Brugger, Ann-Kathrin Schulte Strathaus and Christopher Schulte Strathaus.

Image 2 from left: Oliver Jungfleisch, Christopher Schulte Strathaus, Ann-Kathrin Schulte Strathaus and Dr. Michael Schulte Strathaus.


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