Joint Venture with Forech India India Ltd.

The German company "Schulte Strathaus GmbH & Co. KG" and the Indian "Forech India Ltd." announce a new joint venture "FORECH-STARCLEAN". The business activities of both companies have been focusing for a few decades on Heavy and Mining industry. Both companies have the production facilities where they manufacture the superior products meeting the highest demands of the customers. The majority of the products are designed and produced as the tailor-made ones according the specific conditions for different applications.

"Schulte Strathaus" (Werl, the North-Rhine Westphalia) is a global engineering service-and trading company for belting conveyors since 1952. One of the recent company's manufacturing know-how is the patented modular conveyor belting cleaning systems, called "Starclean". The system provide low initial investments, almost maintenance-free operation, best cleaning results and last but not least of the benefits is the high efficiency of Starclean.

Company "Cyrus GmbH Schwingtechnik" is the daughter company of "Schulte Strathaus" located in Recklinghausen, the North-Rhine Westphalia. The core business of "Cyrus" lies in designing and manufacturing of the vibration equipment for different industrial applications. The production programme of "Cyrus" covers nearly the entire range of equipment based on vibration, such as the VIBRO: -lifts for granulated materials, -through conveyors, - feeders,- screens for separation and drainage, - shake-out grids, pickup chutes and charging machines for foundries, - dosing machines and turn-key systems for forging shops, etc. Following the demands of the market "Cyrus" has developed a new, not related with the vibration system, for conveying the bulk material into a closed, bag-shaped belt, with the trade name SAFEBELT. The Group of the companies "Forech" with the production facilities in Delhi delivers its products to over 50 countries around the world.

The Group is focused on meeting the demands of the Mining & Processing industry related to the bulk material and wear protection. The product range of the Group includes rubber technical goods andthe rubber goods reinforced with ceramic and metal. One of the core activities is production of the conveyor belting, transmission belts, rubber lining materials, screen linings, impact and amortization products for industrial applications. In such context a creation of a new joint venture based on all above-called companies was quite a logical decision. We are going to put together our skills, experience and efforts. The new joint venture "FORECH-STARCLEAN" guarantees practically the all-round range of the products and services for all industries where conveying and handling of the different materials is demanded.


Forech India Ltd.
“Hilton house”, S-23,
Green Park Extention, New Delhi
110 016 India
Tel. +91 11 269 60868
Fax +91 11 268 62373

Schulte Strathaus GmbH
Runtestraße 42
D-59457 Werl
Tel.+49 (0)2922 97750
Fax +49 (0) 2922 977575

Cyrus GmbH
Am Stadion 40
D-45659 Recklinghausen
Tel +49(0) 2361 91920
Fax +49(0) 2361 919215

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