Compliance guideline
Code of Conduct

The term “compliance” means adhering to laws, regulatory standards, and further important ethical standards and requirements usually established by the company itself.

The guidelines presented below describe our mission statement, which values we share and what understanding we have for dealing with customers, business partners and our employees in a responsible, fair, transparent, legally compliant and ethical manner.

The rules are both an obligation and an incentive for each of us – upper management, supervisory employees and each individual employee.
Only together can we achieve our goal of a successful company with a spotless reputation and image in all respects.

For better readability, the masculine form and other forms will be used in the absence of a gender-neutral form. The masculine forms chosen below therefore also apply to other genders without limitation.


Schulte Strathaus (Schulte Strathaus GmbH & Co. KG, hereinafter “the company”) is a middle-sized family company headquartered in southern Westphalia.

The company's goals are supported by the family. The family sees it as their responsibility to secure management of the company and its long-term success.
The company is strategically focused on innovative national and international niche markets. The company's moderate size provides the advantage of reacting quickly and flexibly to market changes.

The company has two areas of business:


  • Conveyor technology for bulk goods
  • Fire protection and sealing technology


The company stands for value creation, sustainability and human capital.

The first pillar, value creation, involves both job creation and revenue and profit generation. Only jobs provide income opportunities that stimulate the whole economic cycle. Revenue and profits allow investment in development, processes and people to ensure new earnings in the future. At the same time, profit provides positive initiatives for the community through income taxes.

Sustainability is the second pillar. Its goal is efficient use of society's resources to deliver added value through sustainable products and services. In this context, sustainability means using no more resources than are necessary according to the current state of the art and the latest efficiency criteria, and to deliver products and services that add value to your sustainability goals.

Human Capital is the third pillar and the key to value creation and sustainability. A company’s human capital is made up of employees who strengthen the company after appropriate education, training, and integration according to their potential based on their knowledge and personality. At the same time, the company sees it as their responsibility to provide employees with a work environment in which their personal goals can meaningfully harmonize with those of the company.


The company’s goals are supported by the family as proprietor of the company. The family sees it as their responsibility to guide the company and ensure sustainable success.

The company has a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 and a BG “Safe With a System” seal of approval.

The CEO is responsible for guiding, controlling and monitoring the Schulte Strathaus company.

Below the CEO is a management level consisting of the commercial managers and the specific business area managers.

Fundamentals of conduct for all employees

Every employee is obligated

  • to maintain fair, respectful relations with customers, business partners and other employees in all business activities at all times
  • refrain from any behavior that might damage the company’s public reputation
  • prevent conflicts of interest between business and personal matters
  • create no illegal advantages for oneself or others
  • to ensure environmental protection and sustainability in all dealings
  • refrain from all discrimination against others due to race, origin, sex, religion, disability, or sexual identity.
  • refrain from any action that might support illegal behavior by others
  • refrain from any action that might harm the company financially, economically or legally, or especially reduce company assets
  • immediately report any third-party breaches of law or regulations or of this compliance guideline to the CEO
  • respect the rights of others to protection of their data
  • handle company and business data confidentially

Product safety

The company pursues the goal of delivering products and services that can be used in the intended manner without harming employees, customers, other users or the public. The commercial manager and the relevant business area manager are mutually responsible for implementation of these goals.

Occupational safety

The company strives to take appropriate measures to protect the health and safety of all employees in the workplace, as well as others who may be affected by their business activities. With the conviction that injury and occupational illness can largely be prevented, each employee must comply with applicable work safety laws, regulations and standards at the workplace. The relevant business area managers are responsible for implementing these goals.

Antitrust complaints and audits

The company CEO must immediately be notified by any employee upon receipt of letters or notices from the European Commission, the German Competition Authority or any other national antitrust authority. The same applies if we become aware of a possible complaint from a competitor, customer or another person or if there is reason for a complaint about the business conduct of others.

National regulations

All employees must follow the national regulations of every country. The CEO and management ensure that the employees act in accordance with the applicable national regulations.

Handling information – Data protection

The company places special importance on rule-compliant handling of information that leaves the company or enters the company. Every employee ensures that the information of business partners is maintained according to the principles of reliability, honesty, completeness and correctness. Protection of employees’, customers’ and suppliers’ personal data holds the greatest significance for the company. Such data, including information provided to the company, must be handled in accordance with all data protection laws.

Human rights, environmental protection, business ethics

Responsible behavior in regard to respect for human rights, environmental protection and business ethics is the basis for sustainable, socially sound business. One goal of our business behavior is to prevent negative human rights outcomes, minimize them, and where possible, to end them. Further goals are to preserve natural resources and to promote environmental protection as well as possible within the company's business activities, along with ethical business behavior.

Each employee must comply with and support the goals described above during all daily work for the company.

Consequences of compliance breaches

The company may be subject to consequences of compliance breaches, such as damages compensation to third parties, lawsuits, fines and penalties, reputational damage, and loss of revenue and profit. Compliance breaches can therefore have consequences for employees, such as warning, dismissal, liability for damages or monetary fines.

Schulte Strathaus GmbH & Co. KG