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Providing services is our top priority. From consultation all the way to the installation and maintenance of our solutions for conveyor technology, one of our expert service employees will be available to assist you at all times. Together, we can find a perfect solution for optimizing your entire belt conveyor.
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Efficient conveyor belt cleaning and comprehensive spillage control require professional advice from the start of a project. This involves us listening to you, documenting your wishes and requirements and working together to find a perfect solution to optimize your overall belt conveyor. A detailed analysis of your optimization requirements is also conducted at the start of the process. In consultation with you, we then select the right STARCLEAN® spillage control products that will guarantee the optimization of your belt conveyor.


Our highly experienced service employees are available to install and commission the STARCLEAN® solutions and instruct your staff members. You can also make your own employees available so that they can familiarize themselves with the components during installation.


To guarantee 100% reliability and efficiency of our spillage control solutions, we will of course conduct a test run on your belt conveyor. This makes it possible to test whether the product is correct installed, or whether it may require further adjustment. You can trust in one thing: The standards we set for ourselves and our products are high, which is why we are only satisfied with 100% success.


Maintenance or repairs are required after the products have been in use for some time. Our expert service employees are happy to carry out these tasks and will perform maintenance work for you. The maintenance of our STARCLEAN® conveyor belt scrapers, for instance, can be completed quickly and easily in a matter of minutes. Should you encounter a problem with a STARCLEAN® product, for example, if our scraper does not clean your conveyor belt perfectly, we will immediately analyze the cause and work with you to find a solution to rectify the problem. Naturally, we will also consult your own experts working on site and take their operational experience into account.


We are also happy to provide in-depth and comprehensive training on our premises so that you are thoroughly familiar with our conveyor technology solutions. Here, you will not only familiarize yourself with our STARCLEAN® products but will also learn how they interact with your overall belt conveyor. Along with the theory training, you will also receive hands-on training in continuous bulk material handling using our powerful in-house belt conveyors.


Of course, you can always contact us in an emergency by calling our hotline, where a professional contact person is always available to you even outside of office hours. If you need technical advice about problems or have an urgent spare part request for our conveyor technology solutions, you can contact us at any time. We will provide immediate assistance.


If you need spare parts for your STARCLEAN® products: We maintain a large inventory of all important spare and wear parts, such as the blades for our conveyor belt cleaners or tracking rollers. In this way, we can respond swiftly to customer requirements to enable your belt conveyor to run without interruption and to guarantee continuous conveyor belt cleaning.